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A freeware tool for profiling the vocabulary level and complexity of texts.

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Older Versions

All previous releases of AntWordProfiler can be found at the following link. <.exe> files are for Windows. <.zip> files are for Macintosh OS X. <.tar.gz> files are for Linux.

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Troubleshooting on Mac OS (General)

  • With each new release of Mac OS X, new security measures have been added that make it more and more difficult to run non App Store programs. To run the program on OS X systems do the following:
    • On launching the PVST app, if you see an error relating to security permissions, go to the security preferences page in the OS settings and set the security to allow PVST to run.
    • If the program launches but with a blank screen, try downloading the program directly to the desktop, double clicking on the zip file (to create the software icon), and clicking on the software icon to launch the software there.

User Support

Latest Help file

Development Road Map

My current tentative plans.

Status Description
Under development
  • Rewrite in Python to give the progam a modern interface.
Plans for 2018
and beyond
  • Your suggestions come here...

Citing/Referencing AntWordProfiler

Use the following method to cite/reference AntWordProfiler according to the APA style guide:

For example if you download AntWordProfiler 1.4.1, which was released in 2014, you would cite/reference it as follows:

Other resources

These following lists can be imported into AntWordProfiler and used as reference lists when creating vocabulary profiles of target texts.