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A freeware **parallel** corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis using UTF-8 encoded text files.

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All previous releases of AntPConc can be found at the following link. <.exe> files are for Windows. <.zip> files are for Macintosh OS X. <.tar.gz> files are for Linux.

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Development Road Map

My current tentative plans.

Status Description
Under development
  • Add more analysis tools, such as those in AntConc.
Plans for 2018
and beyond
  • Your suggestions come here...

Citing/Referencing AntPConc

Use the following method to cite/reference AntPConc according to the APA style guide:

For example if you download AntPConc 1.2.1, which was released in 2017, you would cite/reference it as follows:

Note that the APA instructions are not entirely clear about citing software, and it is debatable whether or not the "Available from ..." statement is needed. See here for more details.